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Need a Bedtime story?


Main Features

A fresh chapter of Figment with its own self-contained story


New singing nightmares with their own original songs and themes


A unique state-changing mechanic


Whimsical narrative and art style


Unravel mysteries as you venture into the depths of The Mind


The Jester, unlike the other nightmares in the Figment universe, is part of The Mind. He once lived in a house in Creed Valley like the other voices, and was kept under control by a more responsible life style. However, due to his impulsive nature and disregard for the consequences, he has broken the Moral Compass and leads a quest of rebellion.

The Mind is living in a state of internal conflict. As you venture deeper into the surreal and hand-painted world of Creed Valley, you will be able to collect remembranes. These fragments of memories will allow you to peer into what events are troubling the subconscious. 

The residents of the city are awaiting your visit. Creed Valley is where The Mind’s beliefs and ideals are formed. You’ll talk with opinions, and some of their conversations might change whether you are in the Open-minded or Closed-minded state.

New mischievous spirits have arrived with original songs, try not to root for the wrong team while facing them. We’ve recently released the theme song for Creed Valley, give it a listen and hold on to your feels.