• Hans Haave

A Nightmare Approaches, The Black Hog is Here!

Cerebrum City has succumbed to darkness, two enormous tusks emerge from the shadows. The Black Hog is here..

The once lit-up and vibrant roads are now devoured by darkness. Only the faint remains of what used to be Cerebrum City may guide you to what caused this chaos, The Black Hog.

Dusty, The Mind’s courage is needed once more to defeat this new nightmare. Restore the balance by shining new light onto the murky obstacles that block your path.

As intimidating as it may seem, the tusk-wielding foe is not new to The Mind. It feeds off stressful situations that may arise when facing new and challenging tasks.

Dusty is confident that it can be defeated: “Relax. The Black Hog visits here every time the mind is under a bit of stress. Let's find a way to light up the mood so I can get a stab at the dark!”

If you're interested in some behind the scenes of how we create musical boss fights, you should definitely check out this post below!

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