• Hans Haave

[Figment: Creed Valley] A new nightmare approaches, The Jester!

Hello from the beautiful lands of Denmark! We're incredibly excited to finally talk about and show the main antagonist of Figment: Creed Valley, The Jester.

The jester is the mind’s short-term planning and urge to seize the day, impulsiveness incarnate. A traumatic event seen in Figment let him free from The Mind’s grasp. Unlike other Nightmares we have encountered, The Jester spawns from the subconscious’ natural setting and is needed for The Mind’s well-being. In Figment, we explored how experiences affect your subconscious.

Unlike the other nightmares in Figment, The Jester is part of The Mind. He once lived in a house in Creed Valley like the other voices, and was kept under control by a more responsible life style. However, due to his impulsive nature and disregard for the consequences, he has broken free and leads a quest of rebellion.

His carnival themed outfit and fighting style is theatrical, musical and eccentric.

As Dusty and The Jester are both essential parts of The Mind, their fights are significant internal battles to restore balance. As we face these situations in our daily lives, courage is needed to undertake new and unusual situations. At the same time, we need a certain freedom of thinking to find new interests and stay stimulated. Their fight symbolizes the internal conflicts that we face, whether we solve them in the blink of an eye or are ongoing processes that challenges our mind set.

Here is the culprit himself! Prepare yourself for more musical fights in Figmet: Creed Valley!

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